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Brad and Charisse G.
Fed up with the local dating scene and US based dating websites Brad decided to try an international dating site. What's the worst that could happen? He's already wasted time with the other options. So why not try it?  

With a hopeful heart he signed up and started looking for his other half. Perhaps his soulmate existed? Maybe they just lived in another country?

At the same time, half way across the world, Charisse was also done with local dating. She couldn't find  any men serious about settling down and starting a life together in her home town of the Philippines. She was
ready to try something different
Her friends had some success with international dating. Some were even meeting their boyfriends from other parts of the world in person! It turned out they found them on an international dating site, the same one Brad was currently searching...

Through a twist of fate Brad and Charisse found eachother amongst a sea of dating profiles and knew they had each found someone amazing. Small infrequent conversations eventually turned into months of  daily video chat sessions and something truly special began to develop.

Brad knew he had found who he'd been searching for and Charisse felt exactly the same. So Brad scheduled some vacation time and started planning a trip to go see the love of his life.

As soon as he got off the plane and met Charisse in person he knew he had made the right decision. After only a couple of days Brad proposed and Charisse happily accepted! They started planning the wedding right away. Amongst all of the excitement they almost forgot that they needed a way to get Charisse back to the USA with Brad! 

They found out the K1 Fiance Visa was definitely the way to go but had no idea where to start. Brad searched online for a little bit and eventually found a chart of the average K1 Visa approval times. "EIGHT MONTHS!" Brad couldn't believe that he would have to wait that long to have Charisse by his side in the USA

How were they expected to be apart for 8 whole months?!

Luckily someone Charisse knew had just been approved for the K1 Fiance Visa. She was sure it didn't take them that long to get approved. Charisse got in contact with the couple and found out that they had in fact been approved for the Visa in 4 months and were ready to go back to the USA together!

This is how I was introduced to Brad. He found out that I was the one that handled that couples K1 Visa filing process and wanted to know if I could do the same for him and Charisse. I was happy to help and got started with them right away.

They received their first notice of approval within 30 days, 85% faster than the average! They could now follow through the rest of the process which went just as well. 

Brad and Charisse are now happily married and living in the USA with plans on expanding their family!

Brad and Charisse G.

"Liam helped us get our application pushed through flawlessly with a quick approval. We never recieved an RFE or corresponding inquiries causing delays. His knowledge and assistance helped us complete the requirements and move through all the steps quickly!"
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